Intro to Python

This is a perfect bootcamp course for beginners. Learn the basics of data analysis with Python by slicing and dicing a real-world complex dataset.

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Data Analysis in Python

Our most popular course!

Tired of Excel? Learn how to use data analysis and plotting libraries, which will allow you to process and visualize a million+ records.

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Next Level Python

Develop real-world, client-ready application with Python. Learn how to use Git, Flask and web scraping libraries.

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About Tuple Academy

We are a New York City-based boutique coding school. We are committed to teaching today’s most in-demand skills in small, hands-on, in-person bootcamp-style courses.

We are confident that anyone can learn the basics of coding in just one afternoon. Our customized, hands-on courses in Data Analysis will help you transform your current job, or jumpstart a new career. We guarantee that you'll come out of the class with a new, highly-desired skill you'll be able to apply in your work immediately.


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