Our Approach

Forget weeks of definitions and theory that standard coding courses try to jam into your head before you even write a single line of code. At Tuple Academy, we believe in hands-on, skills-oriented, project-based training. We will teach you basic Python tricks to manipulate complex datasets in one day.

  • We are a boutique NYC coding school.
  • Our classes are small (avg. 10 students; 20 students max).
  • Our instructors are experts in data analysis.
  • We teach using real-world examples.

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Our Story

We are New York-based technologists. As such, we know that data analysis has become vital to businesses but there's a talent shortage of these skills.

We know people want to learn to code. Unfortunately, there's just not enough affordable, quality, hands-on resources in New York. That's why created Tuple Academy.

Meet your Instructors

We are trained experts with teaching experience from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and years of experience working in Computer Science with companies like IBM, FinTech and Civic Tech startups.

Camilo Jimenez

Founder and Python Instructor

12 years of experience developing products for Linux, Windows and the web. Currently, head of Big Data for a FinTech company.

Magdalena Kura

Founder and Instructor

5 years of experience building products of all shapes and sizes. Passion for the intersection of technology & social good.

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